Ways in Which You Can Become an Australian Permanent Resident

Australian migrants who have permanent resident visas become permanent residents of Australia and have the right to live and work in Australia indefinitely. Migrants do not have the citizenship in Australia, but they do have the choice to be citizens after they have met the requirement of residency. For immigration to Australia, there are numerous ways – through employment, family, humanitarian status or refugee.

Steps to become an Australian Permanent Resident

Step 1: Get the proper visa for you

There are over 40 Australian Migrant visas that will permit you work and live in Australia for ever. Some of the popular categories of migrant visas are described in the following:

Permanent Residency Based on Family –If any of your family members is an Australian permanent resident or Australian citizen, you may get the eligibility for immigration to Australia. The availability of migrant visas is for: (1) Partners (2) Fiancé (e) s (3) Children (4) Dependent relatives.

Permanent Residency Based on Work – There are several ways to become Australian permanent resident through the categories of workers. The categories of migrant workers are: (1) Workers Sponsored by Employers. The foreign national is sponsored by an Australian employer to work in Australia. (2) General Skilled Migration.This is for people who have a skill appreciated in Australia but are not sponsored by Australian Employers. (3) Skill Select. This is for workers having some skills that Australia needs such as doctors and nurses. Doctors and nurses can get permanent residency on a need-only basis.

New Zealand Visa – Citizens of New Zealand have the choice of living and working in Australia without a permanent resident visa and without the same rights as an Australian permanent resident or citizen. But New Zealanders have the choice to make an application for Australian permanent resident visas.

Step 2: Verify if you meet the requirements for a visa

When you have ascertained the suitable visa, check the requirements for making an application because migration will possibly be expensive and time consuming. For visas, you may require to get a sponsor, a relative who is a citizen, some money for investment in business or some work skills.

Step 3: Submit an application for Australian Migrant Visas

When you have ascertained the suitable visa and verified you meet all the requirements for eligibility, you can submit an application for it. The majority of applications will need you to submit proof documents as well as an application fee. Ensure your whole application is complete prior to sending it in.

Step 4: Look forward to a decision

Depending on the visa you have applied for, you will probably have to wait a number of weeks or months for a decision that will be made on your application.

Step 5: Have your visa!

On the approval of your application, you will be able to get your migrant visa to live and work for an indefinite period in Australia. In certain cases, you will possibly soon get the eligibility for citizenship. Migrant visas in Australia are issued in additions of five years, if you renew them.

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