Which Job Vacancies Are Available In Malaysia?

Malaysia has one of the strongest economies in the whole of South-East Asia, so there are plenty of well-paying jobs for you to choose from. Whether you are just starting your career or you have a large amount of experience, you can find a role which suits all of your expectations.

Don’t worry if you are thinking about switching careers. There are lots of positions available where you can join as a junior member of a company and then work your way up the ladder to a management or CEO position.

Which job vacancies are available for you in Malaysia?

Software Development Team Leader

The software is constantly improving to meet the demands of users, whether they are entire businesses or single homeowners. As a software development team leader, it will be your responsibility to oversee all of the development. This will include leading discussions in the brainstorming phase right through to presenting the software to shareholders before it is going to be rolled out onto the market for people to purchase.

You will need to have an excellent sense of man-management and you should also be able to help developers foster their ideas about the new software that is being developed under your instruction. Anyone with an interest in becoming a software development team leader should look for thesejob vacancies in Subang Jaya and submit an application.

IT Technician

IT technicians play an important role in making sure that IT systems are running perfectly at all times. This can involve strengthening anti-malware software and making sure that people are able to connect to a company server without any problems.

IT technicians need to have a range of different skills relating to computers. It will be your decision whether to install or deinstall hardware and software onto the company computers. IT technicians also need to fix system crashes quickly and efficiently so that other people can carry on with their work efficiently.

Personal Assistant

A personal assistant ensures that managers and CEOs do not have to deal with routine admin tasks. As a personal assistant, you will be responsible for typing documents, setting meetings and taking phone calls on behalf of the management. You have to be attentive and polite. There are lots of personal assistant jobs in Malaysia that you will be able to choose from and they are going to match your salary expectations.

Pharmacy Manager

A pharmacy manager will be responsible for taking note of which drugs are being ordered into the pharmacy and which drugs need to be replenished. They will also make all of the decisions about which drugs are going to be stocked in a pharmacy. You need to have an excellent eye for figures when you are a pharmacy manager.

Business Development Manager

A business development manager is concerned with helping businesses to grow and make higher profits. There are lots of business development manager jobs in Malaysia.

When you are looking for a job in Malaysia there will be something to suit your skill set.